Microsoft Announces New Improvements For Windows 10

At the Build 2016, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Terry Myerson, executive vice president of Windows and Devices Group, informed thousands of developers about the work that Microsoft Corp is doing in order to help embrace the new era of conversational intelligence and also create more personal computing for all its customers, industry, and business. Nadella showcased the improvements to Cortana and announced a preview of new cloud services and toolkits designed to understand the world around us, and also create intelligent bots. Myerson also announced Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which will deliver significant new innovations for consumers and developers for the Universal Windows Platform.
Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft, states,
“As an industry, we are on the cusp of a new frontier that pairs the power of natural human language with advanced machine intelligence. At Microsoft, we call this Conversations as a Platform, and it builds on and extends the power of the Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Windows platforms to empower developers everywhere.”
Myerson states,
“With Windows 10 now running on over 270 million active devices, we’re celebrating with our fans by delivering the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. This significant update will help you interact with your Windows 10 devices as naturally as you interact with the world around you — using your pen, presence and voice. We are dedicated to making Windows the most productive development environment for all developers, with all-new capabilities for the Universal Windows Platform and all-new tools for bringing apps to Windows 10 from any platform.”
Cloud services that understand interactive bots and the Cortana Intelligence Suite
The Cortana Intelligence Suite, which was formerly known as Cortana Analytics Suite, is powered by cutting-edge research into big data, machine learning, perception, analytics, and intelligent bots. Built on Microsoft Azure, these capacities can now be used by developers and businesses to create an intelligent end-to-end solution, which includes new apps which learn about bots and agents which interact with people in an intelligent and personalized way.
Microsoft also announced the new addition to Cortana Intelligence Suite, both in preview. The first Microsoft Cognitive Services is a collection of Intelligence APIs which allows systems to see, hear, speak, understand, and interpret needs by using natural methods of communication. The second, Microsoft Bot Framework, can easily be used by developers -- programming in any language -- in order to build intelligent bots which would enable customers to chat using natural language on a wide variety of platforms which includes text/SMS, Office 365, Skype, Slack, the Web and more.
Microsoft demonstrated how developers can now use services, such as those found in Cortana Intelligence Suite, in order to transform not only business but also the lives of people. Seeing Al, a research project under development, shows how these new capacities will be able to help people who are visually impaired or blind better understand who and what is around them.
Microsoft has also gone on to release Skype Bot Platform, which includes the SDK, API and Workflows all in the new Skype Bot Portal. With this Platform, developers will now be able to build bots which leverage Skype’s multiple forms of communication, which includes text, voice, video and 3-D interactive characters. Customers will now be able to start with Skype Bot by downloading the latest Skype apps for Windows, Android and iOS.
To deliver more personal computing and opportunities for developers
Microsoft states,
“Windows 10 was designed to deliver more personal computing, with experiences that are more natural, more trusted and extend across devices. With features such as Cortana and Windows Hello, Windows 10 began to deliver on this vision. Today, Windows 10 is off to the fastest start in Windows history with over 270 million active devices, outpacing Windows 7 by 145 percent. And, customers have spent more time in Windows 10 than ever before — over 75 billion hours since its launch. As a result of this rapidly growing base, Microsoft is seeing new universal apps from Twitter, Uber, King, Disney, Wargaming, Square Enix, Yahoo and WWE; with new apps on the way from Bank of America, Starbucks, Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. The Windows Store has seen over 5 billion visits as Windows fans are discovering apps for Windows 10, including nearly 1,000 Cortana apps.”
Microsoft shared the next chapter in its more personal computing vision withan  all-new Windows 10 Anniversary Update featuring innovations for Windows Ink, Cortana, Windows Hello, and gaming. Windows Ink is a new experience, putting the power of Windows in the tip of your pen. With Windows Ink, you will be able to write on your devices as on paper, create sticky notes, draw on whiteboards and easily share your analog thoughts in the digital world. The new Cortana features would enable you to receive proactive guidance from Cortana throughout the day and speak with Cortana, even if your device is locked, without login in. The new Windows Hello features extend the security of Windows 10 to multiple devices and to Microsoft Edge, hence you will now be able to log into your devices and websites with enterprise-grade security.
Microsoft has also shipped Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition for the first time, extending the Windows experience to holograms, allowing developers to begin helping build the future of holographic computing.
Microsoft states,
“For over 30 years, Windows has been an open ecosystem, welcoming the contributions of hardware and software partners and developers around the world. The Universal Windows Platform extends this commitment, combining the openness of the history of Windows with the best of today’s modern application platform. On Wednesday, Microsoft shared all-new capabilities for the Universal Windows Platform. They include full access to Cortana’s proactive intelligence and the Windows 10 Anniversary SDK, which offers all-new APIs and tools to integrate the latest Windows 10 innovations into apps, including Windows Ink and Windows Hello. And with the Xbox Dev Mode, any Xbox One can be a developer kit, enabling anyone to develop for the living room.”
Microsoft also shared all-new tools for bringing apps to Windows 10 from any platform, as given in the official blog:
  • Web developers, including American Express, BBC Sport, Yahoo Mail, zulily and more, have seen great success with Windows 10 Hosted Web Apps. And now, Windows 10 has support for native Bash with access to the Windows file system and the universe of open source command line tools.
  • Microsoft shared its new desktop app converter for Project Centennial, which will enable Win32 and .NET developers to easily bring more than 16 million apps to the Universal Windows Platform. Developers can extend their applications with Universal Windows Platform capabilities and distribute their apps in the Windows Store.
  • Xamarin will help make it possible for .NET developers to more easily share common app code across Windows, iOS and Android apps while still delivering fully native experiences for each platform. 
Microsoft concluded by saying,
“Those who want to try the new innovations coming in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update can join the Windows Insider program and install the latest build. Starting today, developers in the Windows Insider Program can access the Windows Anniversary SDK Preview to explore the new features.”