Microsoft Announces New Solutions for Oracle WLS On Azure VMs

Microsoft announced a major release for Oracle WebLogic Server on Azure Virtual Machines.

Recently, Microsoft announced a major release for Oracle WebLogic Server (WLS) on Azure Virtual Machines. 

Microsoft said that this release is jointly developed with the WebLogic team as part of a broad-ranging partnership with Oracle. The partnership includes Oracle WebLogic, Oracle Linux, Oracle Database, and interoperability between Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Azure.

Well, the release covers common use cases for WLS on Azure, for example, base image, single working instance, clustering, load balancing via App Gateway, and more.

WLS is an important component in enabling enterprise Java workloads on Azure. Microsoft encouraged customers to evaluate these solutions for full production usage and reach out to collaborate on migration cases.

Source: Microsoft

WLS on Azure Virtual Machines simplifies migration by automating boilerplate provisioning of virtual networks and storage, installing OS/Java resources, and setting up WLS. It also configures integration with key Azure services. This release expands features to cover more migration scenarios. Some of the new features are distributed caching via Coherence, ELK, Secure Socket Layer certificate management, consolidated logging via DNS configuration, and support for Oracle HTTP Server as a load-balancing option. The database integration feature supports Azure PostgreSQL, Azure SQL, and Oracle Database running on OCI or Azure.

Source: Microsoft

Alongside WLS on Virtual Machines solutions, the companies together have also rolled out an initial set of solutions to run WLS on the Azure Kubernetes Service. And in the near future, you will get more enhancements to the WLS on Virtual Machines solutions like support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux in addition to Oracle Linux and adding base images for some older WLS versions such as 10.3.6. You can also expect more robust automation for the WLS on AKS solutions soon.

To learn more you can visit the official announcement here.