Microsoft Announces Open Source Release of AMS Video Subclipper Plugin

Microsoft announces the open-source release of the Azure Media Services (AMS) Video Subclipper Plugin for Azure Media Player and has made it available on GitHub.
The company, in its official blog, informs us that the Azure Media Player (AMP) subclipper plugin provides a user interface so as to find subclip mark-in and mark-out points on live or video-on-demand-stream. The plugin outputs the mark-in and mark-out points in the stream that can then be consumed by a video content management system or the Azure Media Services subclipper API, in order to produce dynamic manifest filters or new subclipped rendered video assets. This will allow users to find mark-in and mark-out points with group-of -pictures (GOP) accuracy or frame accuracy.
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A public hosted deployment of the subclipper is now available on Azure Media Subclipper Plugin webpage. For more details, check the official blog.