Microsoft Announces Power BI Integration With Cortana

Microsoft announced the public preview of the integration between Cortana and Power BI.

In numerous events this year, Microsoft has previewed integration between Cortana and Power BI. However, today the company announced the public preview of the integration between Cortana and Power BI. This allows Cortana to work smoothly, with custom business analytics solutions, which permits the users to get direct answers from the key business data.
Along with this, Microsoft has also launched the features of Quick Insights for Power BI. This new automatic Quick Insight in Power BI helps the users to search for the data for trends, outliers and other interesting insights.
The main feature which enables Power BI to connect and gain insight from their data is the natural language data search, Q&A. The Q&A capacity helps Cortana to intelligently reason over the data that you need to access in Power BI and provides you with a richer data-driven answers for your questions. When Q&A is combined with Cortana Analytics Suite, it opens a new opportunity, where you can use Cortana, allowing your business and your customers business, to conduct things done in a helpful, proactive and natural ways.
By using the Power BI data visualization capacities, you can get answers ranging from numerical values(“revenue for the last quarter”), charts (“number of opportunities by team”), maps (“average customer spending in California by city”), or even complete reports from Power BI, and all this would be provided directly from Cortana. To gain more information, check the official blog.
In order to enable data in Power BI to access Cortana is simple. All that you need to do pick a data source in Power BI and select “Enable Cortana to access this dataset.” After this, user will get answers from the dataset in Cortana in Windows 10. 
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Since Cortana uses Power BI Q&A, which enables it to answer questions, it is really important that you ensure that your data is working efficiently with Q&A. To make is simple, Power BI Q&A has introduced some new features. In the Power BI Desktop, you will now see a new option to set on the size of a sheet, allowing you to match Cortana and provide both primary and alternate names for the sheets. This allows in creating custom Cortana answers, by using the full capacities of Power BI Desktop.
Microsoft states,
“To add more power and flexibility, when selecting a report sheet as an answer, Cortana will still apply other filters to the data derived from the question and applicable to the dataset. For example, for a report sheet with “travel data” saying “Patrick’s travel data for this year” will select the travel data sheet as a result, and then filter the result to Patrick and this year, based on the underlying data.”
They continue that,
“If a filter in the sheet is set to require a single selection, then Cortana will only use the sheet as a result if one and only one member of that filter is specified in a user’s question.” 
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Along with helping you to obtain the answers to your questions efficiently and faster, by using Cortana, Power BI has now come up with a new feature which would help you to find insight hidden in your data. The all new Power BI’s new Quick Insights feature allows its users to run varieties of analytical algorithms on the data in order to search for the potential insight, with the click of your mouse.
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In order to scan you data for potential insight, all you need to do is click on “Quick Insight” and Power BI would iterate a search across your data.
Finally the company concluded,
“Like everything in Power BI, we’re able to leverage the cloud to bring new capabilities to users quickly – and more importantly – to improve them quickly. We’re excited for you to ask Cortana questions about your Power BI data and use Quick Insights on your datasets. We’re even more excited to get feedback from you to help us to continue to hone our algorithms and experiences to make discovering insights and getting answers even easier and faster.”