Microsoft Announces Project Rome Android SDK

Microsoft has stated that Project Rome is a platform for creating experiences that would transcend a single device and drive up user engagement, empowering developers so as to create human-centric scenarios which would move with the user and will blur the lines between their devices, regardless of form factor or platform.
Microsoft, in its official blog, states,
“We first shipped Project Rome capabilities for Remote Launch and Remote App Services in Windows 10 Anniversary Update.”
Microsoft has announced the release of an Android version of the Project Rome SDK. This Android SDK works with both Java and Xamarin.
You will now be able to download the Project Rome SDK for Android from here.
The following can be used by Project Rome Android SDK, as per the official blog:
  • The Remote Systems API is to discover other Windows devices that the user owns. The Remote Systems APIs will allow the Contoso Music app to discover these devices on the same network, and through the cloud.
  • Once discovered, the Remote Launch API will launch the app on another Windows device.
  • Once the app is launched on the other devices, the user can use remote app services to control the app running on Windows from the Android device. We are not releasing this functionality in the release today, but it is coming soon in a future release of the Android SDK.
Hence, by using the Project Rome Android SDK, you will be able to bridge the experience gap which exists as users move between Android and Windows devices.
For more information, check the official blog.

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