Microsoft Announces Public Preview of Release Management

Microsoft has announced the general availability of Release Management for Visual Studio Team Services as well as for Team Foundation Server 2017.
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Release Management is an essential element of DevOps, which would help development teams continuously so as to deliver high quality software to their customer/s at a quicker pace. By using the Release Management, you will now be able to automate the deployment and testing of your application to different environment such as dev, test, staging, and production. You can also use it to deploy to any app platform and target On-Premises or Cloud.
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Release Management works cross-platform and supports different application types from Java to ASP.NET and NodeJs. Additionally, Release Management has been designed to integrate with different ALM tools along with customized release process. You will also be able to customize the deployments by using the automation tasks which are now available either out of the box or write a custom automation task or extension, so as to meet your requirements.
You will also be able to design as well as automate the release pipeline across your environments so as to target any platform and any application, just by using Visual Studio Release Management. You can also go on to trigger the release as soon as the build is available or even schedule it.
Microsoft states,
“Automated pipeline helps you to get faster time to market and respond with greater agility to customer feedback.”
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You will now be able to easily configure deployments using pre or post deployments approvals, and this is fully automated to dev/test environments and manual approvals for production environments. You will gain complete ability of the release as well as of the approvals.
The company states,
“Testing is essential for any release. You can ship with confidence by configuring testing tasks for all of your release check points – performance, A/B, functional, security, beta testing and more. Using “Manual Intervention” you can even track and do manual testing in the automated flow.”