Microsoft Announces The Release Of Kafka Connect For Azure IoT Hub

With Azure IoT, the company believes in empowering developers with choosing the technology they want to build IoT solutions. In this row, the company has announced Kafka Connect for Azure IoT Hub.
Microsoft states,
“Today I’m excited to announce the release of Kafka Connect for Azure IoT Hub. This new Kafka Source Connector can be used to read telemetry data from devices connected to the Azure IoT Hub; this open source code can be found on GitHub."
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Azure IoT Hub offers a highly secure two-way communication facility with devices, device identity as well as device management in terms of scalability and performance. Using Kafka Connect for Azure IoT Hub, developers are empowered to easily connect the IoT Hub with open-source systems in order to build a highly secure and more powerful IoT solution that can perform way better than other solutions.
Moreover, the Kafka Connect for Azure IoT Hub and the latest managed Kafka solution, available in Azure HDInsight, can now work hand in hand, to provide more robust solutions. Well, all we can say is that IoT developers are getting richer in technology, day-by-day.