Microsoft Announces TypeScript 3.7 RC

TypeScript 3.7 is bringing Optional Chaining, Nullish Coalescing and sounder support for never-Returning Functions.

Recently, Microsoft announced the release candidate of TypeScript 3.7, featuring Optional Chaining, Nullish Coalescing and Better Support for never-Returning Functions.
Source: Microsoft
Microsft said that you can expect the final release of TypeScript 3.7 within a couple of weeks.
New feature Optional chaining allows you to write code where you can immediately stop running some expressions if you run into a null or undefined. Consider the following code: 
  1. let x = foo?.bar.baz();  
that means when foo is defined, will be computed, but incase foo is null or undefined, it will stop and return undefined.
And, the nullish coalescing operator(??) is a feature that goes hand-in-hand with optional chaining. ?? operator is a way to fall-back to a default value when dealing with null or undefined. So if you write a code like: 
  1. let x = foo ?? bar();  
it means the value foo will be used when it’s present; but if it is null or undefined, it will calculate bar() in its place.
Other important features, included in 3.7 RC are:
  • Assertion Functions
  • More valid Support for never-Returning Functions
  • (More) Recursive Type Aliases
  • --declaration and --allowJs
  • Build-Free Editing with Project References
  • Uncalled Function Checks
  • // @ts-nocheck in TypeScript Files
  • Breaking Changes: DOM Changes, Function Truthy Checks, Local and Imported Type Declarations Now Conflict and API Changes
To learn more visit the official announcement here.

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