Microsoft Announces VS Code Support For Jupyter Notebooks

With the October release of the Python extension, VS Code now supports native editing of Jupyter Notebooks.

Recently, Microsoft announced October release of the Python extension, which brings support of native editing of Jupyter notebooks inside VS Code.
Microsoft said that users can now directly edit .ipynb files and get the interactivity of Jupyter notebooks along with the power of VS Code.
Source: Microsoft 
Jupyter notebooks inside VS Code allows you to manage source control, open multiple files, and leverage productivity features like IntelliSense, Git integration, and multi-file management.
Using VS Code for Jupyter notebooks allows you to take benefit of the variable explorer and plot viewer, which will help you have track of the current state of your notebook variables at a glimpse, in real-time. VS Code also supports debugging Jupyter Notebooks, through using the “Exporting as Python Code” functionality.
"Now you can explore your datasets, filter your data, and even export plots! Gone are the days of having to type df.head() just to view your data." wrote the company.

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