Microsoft Announces Windows 10 Maps for Phone

Microsoft Announces Windows 10 Maps for Phone

Microsoft has been working on its own version of maps for the Windows 10 operating system. The final Windows 10 is expected to release this summer for PCs, Tablets, and Phones.

Today, Aaron Butcher, the Group Program Manager for the Maps teams announced the availability of Windows 10 Maps app for phones. The Maps for phones are available as a part of Windows 10 Technical Preview Build #10051.

Aaron wrote via Windows blogs:

“We’re excited that the new Maps app is also available now on phones with the latest build of the Windows 10 Technical Preview (Build 10051).”

Aaron continues:

“Based on the new Windows Universal app platform, Maps delivers a single and consistent mapping experience across all your Windows devices. Whether you’re on your PC in the office, or using your Windows phone on the go, Maps offers you the features and tools you need to explore and navigate the world. This includes the best maps, aerial imagery, rich local search data, and voice guided navigation experiences from both Bing Maps and HERE maps, integrated together for the first time into a single app for Windows.”

Some of the key features of the maps include:

  • Touch enabled
  • Support places
  • Directions and guided navigation
  • 3D cities
  • Street side panoramas