Microsoft Announces Windows Template Studio

Microsoft has been working hard to bring more flexibility and ease in application development. Today, the company has announced Windows Template Studio which basically is an extension of Visual Studio 2017 and provides a wizard based UI to build UWP app in just a few clicks.
As per the company, Windows Template Studio is an evolution of Windows App Studio. The extension typically follows four steps to enable developers quickly build a Universal Windows Platform application.
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"Project Type: Select between standard layouts and predefined controls.
Framework selection: Select the structure of your UWP app with in-house and third-party support.
App pages: Select which pages that make sense for the app, that you are trying to create.
App features: Easily add features such as background tasks with one click."
Like this was not enough, Microsoft has open-sourced this project so that the UWP developers and enthusiasts can contribute to it and can add more capabilities and functionality in it. And, we can expect updates every 6 weeks.
Version 1.0 of Windows Template Studio is now available on GitHub. To learn how to get started with this amazing extension, you can read the official announcement  or go through the instruction document.

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