Microsoft attains 100 million licenses for Windows 8, confirms Windows Blue update

Microsoft's Chief Marketing Officer, Tami Reller, has revealed that Microsoft has recently sold over 100 million licenses for Windows 8, up from 60 million licenses sold up to January 2013, in an interview on Blogging Windows. Following in line with this, certified devices have also increased to 2400, she added.

Reller also states that Microsoft has seen 250 million app downloads from the Windows Store, while "almost 90% of our app catalog" is downloaded every month. Combined with 250 million SkyDrive users, 400 million active accounts and over 700 million active Microsoft accounts, it seems things are going quite well for Microsoft.

Reller confirmed Windows 8’s long rumored update, which has been given the nickname Windows Blue by many a person or Windows 8.1, will be rolling out later in the year. "Blue advances the Windows 8 vision," said Reller. "It's all about mobile, touch, apps, the new dev platform and a highly personalized personal experience."

Overall, Reller hopes the 'Blue' update and a swing of attractive touch-laptops will fire up interest in Windows machines in all forms.


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