Microsoft Becomes Platinum Member Of Cloud Native Computing Foundation

It seems that Microsoft’s love for open source technologies and especially, for Linux has reached at new heights. The company has recently joined CNCF, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, with platinum membership.
CNCF is a part of Linux Foundation and it helps in governing some really interesting cloud-oriented projects, of course, the open source ones, such as – Prometheus, Linkerd, containerd, Helm, Kubernetes, and gRPC etc.
“Since we joined the Linux Foundation last year, and now have decided to expand that relationship to CNCF membership as a natural next step to invest in open source communities and code at multiple levels, especially in the area of containers. Some specific examples include:
  • Kubernetes: Microsoft has been contributing code to the Kubernetes project, as well as running Kubernetes as part of the Azure Container Service.
  • Helm: The Helm project was started by Deis before being acquired by Microsoft and continues to be developed and improved by Microsoft engineers. Adam Reese, Michelle Noorali, and Matt Butcher are all project maintainers.
  • containerd: Microsoft engineers contribute code to expand containerd to Windows Containers; John Howard from the Windows team is one of the project maintainers.
  • gRPC: A universal, high-performance RPC framework, covering multiple languages such as Node.js, Java, Ruby, Go, and C#, we plan to increase our participation.”
First, joining Linux foundation and now CNCF, Microsoft has achieved another milestone in its journey of spreading open source technologies to the developers and researchers from every corner of the world, which definitely will help these projects become more awesome and in-demand.

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