Microsoft Boosts Encryption To Prevent Snooping

Microsoft seems serious about the user's concerns for the government surveillance of the internet. That is why it confirmed that by the end of 2014, it will expand the encryption across its services; now the software codes are more transparent and are reinforcing the legal protections for its customer data so that the customers can be relieved about the fact that there aren’t any back doors into the company’s products.

In a blog post Brad Smith, Microsoft’s General Counsel, revealed the plans of the company for dealing with the governments that wants to get a hold of its users’ data. He said that the company uses 2048-bit encryption keys and the Perfect Forward Secrecy.

According to Smith, they used the encryption in the products to protect its customers from hackers and online criminals, but now they use the same protection for the unauthorized government access. Microsoft’s encryption efforts will include services for Outlook, Office 365, SkyDrive and Windows Azure, and it will also provide protection during the full life-cycle of the customer content.

Apart from the encryption, company also stated that if it receives legal orders related to their data it will notify the business and government customers, but if there is a witticism, Microsoft will challenge it in the court.

Microsoft is also collaborating with the other internet companies to protect the data moving between the services. Microsoft is enhancing its transparency by permitting users to review its source code. Microsoft will be opening a network of “transparency centers” in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Smith said that it was appropriate for Microsoft and governments to become more transparent on the privacy and the security issues. "We believe these new steps strike the right balance, advancing for all of us both the security we need and the privacy we deserve," he said.

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