Microsoft Bot Framework V3 Available Now

Microsoft announced, today, the release of Microsoft Bot Framework V3 with a number of small improvements from its previous versions. Developers can now update their Bot framework from Microsoft’s website for additional benefits.
As announced at Build 2016, the software giant, Microsoft introduced the Bot Framework along with Bot Connector API, Bot Connector SDK and Bot Builder. From the day one of its launch, the Bot team has been actively collecting the feedback and suggestions from the users to improve the REST API and SDK’s. In this series, the company, today, introduced the new version V3 of the same.
In this new version V3, users will get additional features, like they can now use cards, action buttons and carousels. This will, definitely, help them work faster and smarter. The company is focusing on improving the performance of the API and making it ready for the future.
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On their official blog, the company states, “We’re now introducing a new iteration of our API (V3). In this API, there are a number of small changes designed to make the API more adaptable to future requirements. The good news is our overall model is the same, though the syntax of interacting with the Bot Connector has been updated.”
So, if you are keen to update the Bot Framework of yours, just go to the Microsoft Bot Framework website and do it. For instructions and full documentation, which we recommend, please pay a visit to the support link.

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