Microsoft Brings Autofill Solution For Passwords

The solution enables you to autofill and sync your passwords across mobile, Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

Microsoft introduced autofill passwords capabilities across devices and platforms, which will solve the hassle of remembering and typing your passwords. 

Autofill solution syncs your passwords across mobile, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome, and is available as an extension on the Chrome Web Store. 

The solution stores users' passwords under their Microsoft account. If you want to get started with autofill on mobile, open the Microsoft Authenticator app, and then sign-in on the Passwords tab with your Microsoft account. Passwords saved under your Microsoft account on Microsoft Edge, will sync to the Authenticator app. The capability is currently being rolled out on iOS and Android as part of the Microsoft Authenticator app, and on Google Chrome as an Autofill extension.

Source: Microsoft

Microsoft Autofill extension enables you to autofill and save your passwords to your Microsoft account when browsing on Chrome. The extension ensures your passwords stay in sync no matter where you use them, on your mobile, Microsoft Edge and Chrome.

Import feature in the Authenticator app allows you to easily import passwords from Chrome and other password managers. If you have passwords available in a CSV file, there’s also the ability to import from CSV.

"Passwords require a high level of security – so we’ve taken extra care to ensure your passwords and autofill information are protected. Signing into the Authenticator app requires strong multi-factor authentication, which provides an additional layer of security on top of your Microsoft account password to protect your data inside the Authenticator app." wrote Microsoft.