Microsoft Brings FastTrack And Windows10 Together For Easy Migration

Microsoft FastTrack is now available as a customer success program and now, the company has gone on to expand it to include as part of the Windows 10 preview.
FastTrack for Windows 10 brings together the tools, resources, and prescriptive guidance required in order to help the users migrate to Windows 10. Users who use FastTrack for Windows 10, will now be able to access to partner experts committed to help them discover what is possible with Windows 10, plan for successful rollouts, as well as deploy Windows 10 as their own pace. For more information of FastTrack for Office 365, EMS, and Dynamics 365, check here.
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Microsoft, in its official blog, states,
“Together, we believe FastTrack for Windows 10 and the latest app compat readiness resources will enable customers to deploy Windows 10 smoothly and with confidence, and more quickly realize the business values of Windows 10.”
FastTrack site helps the users to plan and address each phrase of the adoption lifecycle.
  • Envision: Microsoft offers resources and tools so as to help users to define their vision as well as their identity, which goes on to prioritize resources for deployment. Users will now be able to leverage these resources in order to be positioned for success by conducting a deployment assessment , to understand the current environment, and also to ensure a seamless transition.

  • Onboard: Once it is ready, the users will be able to request engagement from qualified partners, who will help in building a structured plan for Windows 10. Microsoft recommends organizations to consider including Office 365 ProPlus along with their Windows 10 rollout, so that they can be provided with a modern secure and productive computing experience.

  • Drive value: Microsoft states, “Our goal is to help businesses get the most out of their IT investments.” Hence, in order to do this, the company will go on to provide users with best practices and guidance, as well as resources on Windows 10 adoption.
For more information, check the official blog.

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