Microsoft brings GeoFlow, a 3D maps to Excel users

Today in a blog post, Microsoft has revealed availability of GeoFlow, a 3D visualization tool for Excel which allows users to create, navigate and interact with time-sensitive data applied to a digital map. GeoFlow is only in Preview mode, so it’s possible there are twists to work out.

GeoFlow lets consumers to plot up to 1 million rows of data stored in an Excel workbook, including Excel Data Model or Power Pivot, on a visual representation of the area supplied by Bing Maps. The map can then be altered to show time-stamped data changing over time. Some of the real-world applications cloud includes the number of people travelling to a particular part of a city, or the progress with cleaning up an oil spill out at sea. To display this data to other people, users can capture scenes in GeoFlow and build cinematic tours that can be exported and shared at will.

The app advanced out of the WorldWide Telescope project. "We built a gigantic virtual telescope, but to do so, we had to build an engine that could visualize the universe. If we can visualize the universe, we can visualize almost anything else", Microsoft Research principal researcher Curtis Wong explains.

GeoFlow is available as an add-in for Excel 2013 with office 365 ProPlus or Office Professional Plus 2013.