Microsoft Brings Progressive Web Apps To Edge And Windows 10

Windows has introduced Progressive Web Apps to Edge and Windows 10.

Microsoft has introduced Progressive Web Apps to Microsoft Edge and Windows 10. Coming to EdgeHTML 17.17063, the company has enabled service worker and push notifications. To get the detailed information on the same, you can visit the official blog of Windows.
The company explains about progressive web apps as -
Source- Windows Blogs
In a blog, the company states- 
“We’ve announced before in several venues that we’re all-in on PWAs. In fact, as hinted above, we want to take PWAs on Windows to the next level, by making them first-class app citizens in Windows. This follows from our general philosophy that the web platform, powered by EdgeHTML, is a core part of the Universal Windows Platform on Windows 10.
Whether automatically indexed by the Store or manually submitted by the site owner, the Web App Manifest provides the starting set of information for the app’s Store page: name, description, icons, and screenshots. Developers should aim to provide complete and high-quality information in the manifest. Once in the Store, the publisher will have the option of claiming their apps to take complete control of their Store presence.”
As the company believes that PWAs are the future of the web, we hope this action of Microsoft will help build a bright future for the developers.