Microsoft campaign 'Don't get Scroogled' against Google

Microsoft goes after Gmail as an evil service that invades your email privacy, armed with polling data showing consumer concern — and perhaps one valid point about an easier opt-out. 

Image Courtesy: The Verge
The Verge reports that, the campaign, titled "Don't Get Scroogled by Gmail," highlights an issue which has been raised many times before: the fact that Google scans emails in order to target and tailor advertising alongside the message to the user.

Microsoft says the aim of the campaign is to "educate Americans about Google's practice of going through the contents of all Gmail emails to sell and target ads." According to the Redmond giant, a study it commissioned found that 70 percent of consumers didn't know that email providers "routinely" read personal email to target advertising -- and 88 percent of people "disapprove" of this practice once they know.

This campaign is as much about protecting users from Gmail as it is about making sure Gmail users know what Google's doing. The campaign expanded into a much wider attack on Google and their advertising methods. 


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