Microsoft Caught Up In A Privacy Violation Storm While Pursuing Information Leak Investigation

Microsoft admits to snooping bloggers Hotmail account to track down leaks.

Microsoft acknowledged in a blog, posted by John Frank, Deputy General Counsel & Vice President, Legal & Corporate Affairs, that, it read an anonymous blogger's Hotmail inbox while investigating the leak of information.

To be able to identify an employee it suspected of leaking information, John Frank, said it had to take "extraordinary actions in this case".

In 2012, Microsoft became aware of the fact that a blogger had been receiving some Windows 8 operating system codes and had also been posting its screenshots to his blog. Microsoft began investigating the leaks and eventually snooped the hotmail inbox of the blogger’s to track down the rogue employee.

The search was within the legal boundaries because Microsoft’s terms of service states that the firm can access information stored on its communication services inclusive of forums, chat areas, email and the other communication facilities, it specifically says, "Microsoft reserves the right to review materials posted to the Communication Services and to remove any materials in its sole discretion."

Microsoft has been criticizing Google for its practice of scanning the emails and has been strongly opposing the practice, saying, "Google crosses the line." In the blog, posted by John Frank, Microsoft once again emphasized upon the fact saying, “The privacy of our customers is incredibly important to us. That is why we are building on our current practices and adding to them to further strengthen our processes and increase transparency.”

But, due to the revelations, Microsoft has definitely stirred up the storm, as it has once again brought the issue of privacy violations, by the technology giants, to the fore.