Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Authors New Book, "Hit Refresh"

Indian-born Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, has a new book coming out soon called Hit Refresh. In this book, Satya describes his journey towards becoming the Microsoft CEO, his personal as well as professional life experiences, and the ongoing changes or updates with the latest technologies in the market. Hit Refresh will go on sale on September 26 globally.
The title of the book, Hit Refresh, is taken from the digital world and can refer to either programming or refreshing the web page by clicking on the F5 key.
Nadella's book was written especially for customers, Microsoft team members, and partners concerned with the ongoing transformation of  the latest tech in the market to artificial intelligence, mixed-reality, and quantum computing.
Nadella, in a Linkedin post, says he will be donating his profits to Microsoft Philanthropies.
The book is availalbe on Amazon to pre-order now:

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