Microsoft clarified Xbox One used games, internet connections and privacy policies

Microsoft posted a write-up with details of a number of controversial features of the upcoming Xbox One, including those about always-on requirements, used game policies and Kinect privacy, reports CNet.

For game licensing, Microsoft advises that players will be able to buy games through retailers on disc and through Xbox Live on the same day of release. Once installed to a system, up to ten other accounts can use the same shared games library on any other Xbox One.

The Xbox One will need to connect to the Internet once every 24 hours in order for games to function. "Offline gaming is not possible" after the 24 hours period has expired, and will not work again until it reconnects. Other functions, such as watching TV and disc-based movies, will work fine regardless. 

While being core to the new user experience, Microsoft will still allow the Kinect to be paused or turned off. Conversations will not be recorded nor uploaded by the Xbox One, and it is stressed that the user will be able to dictate how data collected by the Kinect can be used by games and apps, and that the controller can still be used to access all the functions of the console. 

There’s amply more info to be pick up from the Microsoft updates. We will surely be hearing more when E3 week for 2013 kicks off with Microsoft’s press conference.


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