Microsoft Collaborates With Autodesk To Bring Digital Designs To HoloLens

Microsoft has collaborated with Autodesk to make its HoloLens device more useful and to bring digital designs easily. Now, 3D product design will be part of Microsoft HoloLens.
The company in their official blog states,
“We are happy to announce that Microsoft HoloLens is partnering with Autodesk Fusion 360 on a solution that we believe could change the way industrial designers, mechanical engineers and other product development fields work together.” 
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The company feels that with the use of HoloLens, we can remove numerous barriers, such as accelerating product iteration, making work faster and more productive.
Microsoft states,
“With HoloLens we can remove many of the barriers that exist today; accelerating product iteration, providing more intuitive cross-team communication, and setting new standards in collaboration.”
The HoloLens makes use of the mixed reality in order to bring holographic 3D content, which would allow designers to view 3D content in high-definition. You will be able to view the object in its true size and scale, with the ability to move freely around it. This would help non – designers to give a visual feedback on the design of the object.
Microsoft states,
“Fusion 360 is the ultimate cloud-based 3D design collaboration tool for product designers and engineers. A natural partner for HoloLens–which we think is the best 3D content visualizer on the planet.”