Microsoft Confirms Windows 8.1 Update Coming Soon In Spring

Microsoft announces its first significant Windows 8.1 update, expected to be released in Spring.

Source: The Verge

Microsoft at Mobile World Congress announced its first significant Windows 8.1 update, and the fact that the update will be released "this spring", revealed by Joe Belfiore of Microsoft. The Spring update is largely focused on improving keyboard and mouse user experience.
The Verge reports, “The spring update for Windows 8.1 will also allow OEMs to lower their specifications for devices. Belfiore says PC makers will be able to use just 1GB of RAM and 16GB of storage in future Windows 8.1 devices, a change that will help bring lower price points. It's likely that these updates to Windows 8.1 are linked to recent OEM changes to lower license costs. A recent report suggests that Microsoft is lowering the cost of Windows 8.1 licenses by 70 percent for PC makers, specifically only for machines that retail under $250. Any hardware specification changes will obviously assist with that.”