Microsoft Connects Cortana And LinkedIn

Cortana, your personal digital assistance is here to help you accomplish numerous tasks. People, who have been using Cortana for Windows 10, can now connect their LinkedIn account, and access information about their contacts from LinkedIn.
In their official blog, Microsoft states,
"Today we’re excited to announce that Cortana is ready to make you even more connected and informed by working with LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network.”
When you connect your LinkedIn account to Contana, you will be able to access information about people, such as company, job role, pictures, direct link to their profile on LinkedIn and also the ability to directly connect on LinkedIn from Cortana meeting reminders.
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Let us now see, how Cortana and LinkedIn work together. The first step is to connect your LinkedIn account to the account in Cortana’s Notebook. After the account is connected, you will be able to view available information about people you are about to meet.
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In their official blog LinkedIn states,
If you want to dig in more, with one click you can see their full LinkedIn profile to find who you know in common or where they went to school, so you can start the meeting with something other than the weather.
The integration of LinkedIn with Cortana on Windows 10  now available.
Microsoft states,
“We look forward to continuing to work with LinkedIn to bring more productive and personal experiences to you in the future.”