Microsoft discontinues linked account feature

Microsoft enhanced security to tie their linked e-mail and other accounts to improve security to your primary Microsoft account.

Microsoft announced on Monday that the “linked accounts” feature is no longer available on Microsoft accounts. According to a blog post on the official blog, Eric Doerr, Group Program Manager, announced that the feature will be discontinued in late July.

The feature is used to help users switch quickly between multiple email accounts but Microsoft will be dropping this feature in favour of using aliases. Microsoft lists quite a few reasons why they are dropping the feature including security concerns and that Microsoft wants you to have only one Microsoft account for all of your connected devices.

By using aliases, Microsoft states that you will only have one email address to maintain and keep secure. With linked accounts, there are multiple ways of accessing your account that make keeping your email inbox secure.

The company is now adding two new features based on feedback:

Mail forwarding: Microsoft says “you can now forward all email from a secondary account to your primary. It's easy to set up a folder structure to keep email as separate as you like.”

Send email from another account: Microsoft says “you can now configure a secondary account as a ‘send-only’ address. When combined with email forwarding, it means you can both receive and send email from that email address, all within your primary Microsoft account.”

Microsoft will inform all users that use linked accounts about the change in the next couple of days via email.