Microsoft Dynamic NAV Web Client

MindQuad Solutions has developed a highly sophisticated web client; NAV|LiteTM, for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 and later versions. NAV|LiteTM uses web services to render native functionalities and business logic from Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The web client was being under development since September 2010 and has been tested on most popular web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera. NAV|LiteTM is currently used "Live" on a recently completed (March 2011) implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV SP1

NAV|LiteTM aims to bring an affordable alternative to accessing the ERP for those users who require occasional access or repetitive access to limited functionality in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The prime examples are management users who require only viewing reports or giving approvals, field sales and service personnel using devices like Mobiles, Tablet PCs or Netbooks where only internet access and browsers are available. NAV|LiteTM works in accordance with the Light User licensing for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

NAV|LiteTM is capable of doing almost everything that a native rich client does; create, delete, modify records, role tailored display using the user roles and securities defined from the rich client, windows authentication, etc.

The most important feature of the web client is its ability to automatically render client-add on pages or customizations without any extra coding effort provided they are developed using recommended C/SIDE coding practices.