Microsoft Edge Test Drive web demos now open-source

Since July 29 (the official release date of Windows 10) is approaching Microsoft has launched a new Test Drive as part of the new Microsoft Edge Developer Site. The new Test Drive provides web developers with open-source demos on GitHub.
Anton Molleda, Program Manager, Microsoft Edge stated in a blog post:
"A core focus of Microsoft Edge is delivering greater interoperability across browsers, so the web just works for users on any device and on any platform. The new Test Drive supports this goal by providing web developers with feature demos that demonstrate how to build interoperable code based on new web platform features. To make this process as easy as possible, we are excited to open-source all our feature demos on GitHub, so anyone can learn and reuse this code in any website (or contribute fixes!)".
The new Test Drive site introduced a number of new demos:
  • CSS3 Filters: Learn the various types of filters and their animations using @keyframes
  • Math APIs: With the new precision API, bypass the limits of number precision in JavaScript.
  • PhotoCapture: Use the Media Capture API to select cameras and take pictures with the browser.
  • Microphone: Record, play, save and load streaming audio acquired using the Media Capture API. After that apply Web Audio visualizations, effects, and filters to stream data.
  • Music Lounge: Use BabylonJS to create your own composition using Web Audio and touch input.
  • Web Audio tuner: Tuner built using Web Audio API and Media Capture API. Use it to generate a reference tone.
  • @Supports: Test whether certain CSS properties and values are supported.
For more demos and contributions, visit the new Microsoft Edge Developer Site. Here is the screenshot:
Microsoft Edger new website 
In the coming next months, we can expect some more demos, since Microsoft is planning to add new features to Microsoft Edge.

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