Microsoft endorse new Azure services to big data

Microsoft recently inaugurated new and enhanced Microsoft data services: a preview of Azure HDInsight (Hadoop-based cloud tool) that runs on Linux, the general availability of Storm on HDInsight, the general availability of Azure Machine Learning, and the availability of Informatica technology on Azure.

The company is making its Azure ML machine learning service widely available now with new support for Python in addition to the popular R language. Microsoft wants to make big data technology simpler and more accessible to the greatest number of people possible, build APIs and make use of that data in the cloud with machine learning technology.
They also planned to make storm, the open-source stream analytics tool available for HDInsight with support for both .NET and Java and the ability to develop, deploy, and debug real-time Storm applications directly in Visual Studio.
Microsoft announced that customers can run HDInsight on Ubuntu clusters with full technical support.  They can use common Linux tools, documentation, and templates and extend their deployment to Azure with hybrid cloud connections.

“Azure Machine Learning allowed us to build a better model than our previous solution in a third of the time, reducing lead time from model evaluation to deployment down to zero as it’s automated.”, says Mendeley CTO Fernando Fanton. “The beauty of Azure Machine Learning is that it’s open, allowing easy integration via widely adopted technologies such as REST and Hive.”

Joseph Sirosh, corporate vice president at Microsoft and Incharge of the Azure ML said, "We made a lot of improvements and adding Python was part of that. Azure Machine Learning is the platform. You can copy a bit of Python code and plug it into the studio and create an API," he added its an integrated fully managed tool and you don’t have to install hardware and software and do advanced learning and analytics.

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