Microsoft Evolves Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection With URL Detonation And Dynamic Delivery

Microsoft states that they have  ‘built Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection to provide nearly unparalleled email security with little impact on productivity'. The Advanced Threat Protection will help defend your organization from growing as well as evolving advanced threats with powerful safeguards like Safe Links, which will provide time-of-click protection so as to help in preventing users from opening or accessing malicious links and Safe Attachments. Microsoft announced the availability of two new capabilities – URL Detonation and Dynamic Delivery, which would goes on to improve the security Advanced Threat Protection.
General availability of URL Detonation
The URL Detonation helps in preventing users from being compromised by files linked to malicious URLs.
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When a user receives an email, Advanced Threat Protection analyzes the URLs for malicious behavior. The latest capability is in addition to the URL reputation, which checks Advanced Threat Protection. For more information, check the official blog.
Public preview of Dynamic Delivery
Microsoft has gone on to introduce Safe Attachments to reduce the time taken to scan emails containing attachments. The Advanced Threat Protection enables you to remain productive during the scan time. However, with the Dynamic Delivery, recipients will now be able to read as well as respond to the email while the attachment is being scanned. Dynamic Delivery goes on to deliver emails to the recipient’s inbox along with a “placeholder” attachment, which will notify the users about the real attachments being scanned and that too, within a minimal lag time. For more information, check the official blog.
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Ways to enable URL Detonation and Dynamic Delivery
URL Detonation can now be enabled through the policy controls in the Safe Links admin window under settings. In order to enable URL Detonation, select the "On" radio button and then, select the "Use Safe Attachments" to scan downloadable content checkbox.
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Dynamic Delivery can easily be activated through the policy controls from the Safe Attachments admin control window under Settings. All you need to do is simply select the Dynamic Delivery radio button.
For more information, check the official Microsoft blog.

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