Microsoft Expands Features In Skype For Business

Microsoft announced that they are expanding the previews of Skype features for business.
In their blog they stated,
“Today we’re excited to announce that we are expanding the preview to provide support for additional countries, as well as adding several new features. “
They also stated,
“In July, we announced a preview of new Skype for Business voice and meetings capabilities in Office 365, including PSTN Conferencing and Calling, Cloud PBX and Skype Meeting Broadcast. More than 4,000 companies are currently previewing the new services, with usage growing at an average of 20 percent every week.”
Preview on PSTN Conferencing
The service of PSTN Conferencing was initially only available in U.S. However, now this service will be available to 14 different countries. The countries which can use PSTN starting this month are, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The PSTN service for South Africa, Norway and Finland will start in November.
The new and updated PSTN Conferencing service will allow you to add dial-in to existing video, audio as well as web meetings through Skype for Business. The preview for these services will be localized with facilities which would include calls on local numbers and also the use of local languages.
Preview on Cloud PBX
People using Skype for business will now be able to use their existing telephone connection for in-coming as well as out-going calls. People using Skype for business on Office 365, can have their own carrier connection, or IP-PBX, which would allow them to make as well as receive calls, on their landline or on their mobile phone.
PSTN users can now port their phone number
Number portability has been enabled for people using PSTN calling preview. This feature will allow the users to use their existing number with the new PSTN calling service. However, this facility is only available in U.S.
Microsoft has also enabled the feature of voicemail for people using Cloud PBX, an easy way to leave message when someone you call is not available.
Cloud PBX available on IP phone
Microsoft announced that, within a few weeks, a large number of IP phones will available for preview on Cloud PBX. 
Call quality dashboard
In their bog Microsoft states,
“Finally, later this month, we will add the Skype for Business Call Quality Dashboard (CQD) to the preview.”
This dashboard allows the IT admins to easily and quickly access to quality information for calls as well as for meetings.
Microsoft in their blog post thanked and appreciated their customers. They stated,
“We really appreciate all of our preview users and the time customers have taken to test and help us improve our service prior to launch. Now, with the new countries supported with PSTN conferencing and the worldwide preview of Cloud PBX, even more enterprise customers can preview the new capabilities.”
You can check the official site for Skype preview, and get more information.

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