Microsoft Extends Office 365 Data Loss Prevention Policy Tips To OneDrive Mobile Apps

As more and more people are getting their work done and collaborating with one another on their mobile devices, organizations are finding it really difficult to secure their sensitive data. Most organizations are making it their top priority to secure their sensitive content, and hence, in order to help organizations empower their employees working anywhere, and anytime, and at the same time while protecting their content, Microsoft has announced the extension of Office 365 Data Loss Prevention Policy Tips to OneDrive Mobile Apps for iOS, Android and Universal Windows.
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Microsoft states,
 “Policy tips are contextual, user-facing notifications that educate people when they’re about to send, share or work with sensitive data, such as credit card, passport or driver’s license numbers. Policy tips help empower and educate users, while still allowing them to get their jobs done with enhanced security and stay compliant with your data protection policies. With this addition, your organization’s Data Loss Prevention policies, related to content stored in SharePoint and OneDrive for Business, are now viewable on mobile devices. This complements what is already supported today with the web and Office 2016 clients, including Outlook.”
Ways in which Data Loss Prevention Policy Tips work
With Data Loss Prevention, documents are stored in OneDrive for Business and scanned for sensitive information. These are also evaluated against company policies, which are configured in Office 365. As the users work with documents in OneDrive mobile app, they will also be able to view a policy tip for the documents which would contain the sensitive information. Depending on the user action and policies, the tips might go on to provide the information on what triggered the policy violation or options to override and submit a fake positive report; in case, the access to the content is blocked.
To experience Data Loss Prevention Policy Tips on the mobile apps, download the latest OneDrive mobile app for iOS, Android and Universal Windows devices.
The company goes on to conclude by stating,
“Now your data will be better protected with a consistent Data Loss Prevention Policy Tips experience across OneDrive for Business web, mobile and Office 2016 clients.”