Microsoft Fixes Skype Message Syncing Issues

Skype announced in its blog post that the users of Skype’s messaging function should now see all of their messages on all the devices that uses the communication app. According to Skype, it was revamping its platform, as the Skype chat is a huge part of the mobile future.

Earlier, users complained about not receiving the messages on one and more devices and the messages that users already read on their phone marked as "unread" on another device. This issue has been fixed.

Along with this, Skype has also made sure that the messages which you send to your offline contacts, gets delivered. That’s often been an issue with using the Skype chats across different time zones. Now, Skype says, “you can have peace of mind” that these messages will arrive.

Skype is also working on its mobile apps so that they’re easier on a user’s battery, and are quicker to open.