Microsoft Flow Now Available On iOS

Microsoft Flow has launched workflow management tools and it has now arrived on mobile in the form of an iOS application.

Microsoft Flow has launched workflow management tools and it has now arrived on mobile in the form of an iOS application. Microsoft Flow made its appearance in April on the web, offering an interface which allows you to mash up two or more cloud services so as to create workflows that allow you to automate file synchronization, alerting, data organization and more.
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There are other competing sevices such as IFTTT and Zapier, which offer a larger list of supported connections, and have been there for a longer period. Microsoft Flow at the moment is mainly focusing on integrations with Microsoft’s own business tools, such as Office 365, Dynamics CRM, PowerApps, and Yammer, along with those which are used in organizations, such as MailChimp, GitHub, Salesforce, Slack, and others.
However, you will be able to use Microsoft Flow to automate numerous common scenarios, such as getting a text message whenever you get an email, saving Twitter search results to an Excel file, coping files from OneDrive to SharePoint, copying pictures from Instagram to Dropbox, and many more.
The new iOS application allows you to manage all your previous created “flows” from your smartphone. This means that you will now be able to switch them on and off, view properties, and check run history reports so as to ensure that they are performing properly and do not have any errors.
The app would also include Activity Feed, which is where you will be able to see all your recent Flow actions, including whether any of the flow requires attention. You can easily search this feed or filter it, then check individual results, viewing more details on the given workflow.
For mission-critical flows, you will now be able to configure the app to send you push notifications if and when something goes wrong, so that you can launch the app, then triage the issue in real-time. This can be quite useful, getting alerts when an important flow is running, as an alternative way to having the workflow alert you in another way, like for example, through SMS. 
The company states that the capabilities of the app will expand with time, most notably to include flow creation on mobile, along with support for things such as triggering, remediation, approvals and even flows which take advantages of your mobile device signals. The company is also working on an Android application.
Microsoft Flow is now available for free download on the iTunes App Store.

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