Microsoft Flow Preview Is Available Now

Meet Microsoft Flow, a free way in of getting connected to all your cloud services, which would go on to include Slack, GitHub, Twitter and Google Drive, all together in an innovative new way.
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You can now easily have your Dropfiles automatically copied to OneDrive account. You can also save your Tweets to spreadsheet.
Interestingly, it seems that Microsoft is not yet ready to unveil Flow as of now; however, according to an annunciatory blog post dated April 27, 2016, is available for public view, but the main site is not working yet. Both the blog and the site was first noticed by Twitter user "h0x0d."
In the blog post, there is certain example of “flow” available like the one given below;
”My manager emails me a lot, but with all the email I get, it’s easy to miss an important message. Luckily, it’s very easy to create a flow that sends me a text message whenever my boss sends me an email.”
And also this,
“My friends will tell you I’m not very adept at social media, so to help me keep on top of it I’m integrating tweets with a tool I am familiar with (Excel). I have a flow set up that searches for tweets about Microsoft Flow and saves them into an Excel file that I can review on my own time.”
The same blog post also goes on to explain that Flow is based on a tool which is originally introduced along with Microsoft Power Apps last November as a closed preview. However, once it is announced officially, whenever that it, it will be available for free and it will be open for everyone.
Stephen Siciliano, Principal Group PM Manager, Microsoft Flow, states,
“This is just the start of the journey for us. In the coming weeks and months, you will see us releasing new features on a weekly basis. One of the areas I’m particularly excited about coming soon is making Microsoft Flow work well in large companies so you can share content within an organization and even connect to on-premises data sources.”