Microsoft Graph Toolkit v2 Preview 3 Released

This preview includes new features like mgt-person-card issue #528, Dark theme, Caching of Microsoft Graph calls issue #221, and mgt-react package.

Recently, Microsoft unveiled new features that are coming to Microsoft Graph Toolkit v2.
Well, Microsoft Graph Toolkit(MGT), v1 introduced back in September 2019, is a collection of web components powered by Microsoft Graph. The components are functional, working automatically with Microsoft Graph, and work with any web framework and on all modern browsers.
The company has released a preview version of v2, which you can install now by running npm i @microsoft/mgt@next in your terminal.
Some of the new exciting features include mgt-person-card issue #528, Dark theme, Caching of Microsoft Graph calls issue #221, and mgt-react package.
The redesign of Person Card brings several new sections of information centered around the person you are interested in connecting with. New sections allow you to show organization information, existing email threads that you both participated in, files you both have access to, and even skills and experiences the person has from the new Profile API. The company said that it is now on to the next step to make the Person Card extensible. So that you can add your own sections and additional information you would like to present.
 Source: Microsoft
Users can add the mgt-person and mgt-person-card components by using the following in their HTML: <mgt-person person-query="me" view="twoLines" person-card="hover"></mgt-person>
With version 2 , users will be able to simply apply class=”mgt-dark” to the desired section of their HTML page. mgt-people-picker component with dark theme is available in the preview package.
Source: Microsoft
The newly added @microsoft/mgt-react package wraps all MGT components and exports them as React components. You can try it out now with npm install @microsoft/mgt-react
Rest of the running list of v2 features include package split: mgt-element, mgt, mgt-react – New mgt-todo component – Localization helper – RTL support – Person Card templating and configuration
To learn more you can visit the official announcement here.