Microsoft Hiring Hundreds Of Cloud Engineers And Architects

How big is cloud need at Microsoft? Bigger than big data. Microsoft is hiring cloud architects and software engineers at its Washington and other locations.

Check Microsoft’s cloud visionaries:

From the posting:

Microsoft envisions a cloud-empowered world. A world of more possibility, more innovation, more openness and more sky’s-the-limit thinking. A world where passionate innovators come to collaborate, envisioning what can be and taking both their careers – and the cloud – places they simply couldn’t anywhere else.

Microsoft is not only hiring Microsoft experts including .NET, C#, and Visual Studio but also open source and Linux.

A typical Software Engineer II job looks like this:

Open Source. Linux. Java. Break out of the norm by helping Microsoft be effective at adopting Open Source Software (OSS). We’re a small, agile, nimble team in Azure focused on bringing the state of the art of cloud-based OSS into Microsoft. Come join us and be part of this revolution.

5+ years of software engineering experience, BS in Computer Science or equivalent. Experience with Linux, Java, Security is a plus.

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