Microsoft Introduces New Features In Azure Cache For Redis

The company said that users can now use Redis to tackle new challenges while making their caches larger and more resilient than ever before.

Microsoft announced new powerful features in Azure Cache for Redis.

The company said that you can now use Redis to tackle new challenges while making your caches larger and more resilient than ever before.

Redis Enterprise on Azure is a solution jointly engineered by Microsoft and Redis Labs with operations handled by Microsoft. It consists of two new tiers, Enterprise and Enterprise Flash, and adds many features now in preview that are useful to enterprise customers such as Zone redundant replication, with improved availability of 99.99 percent; and Redis on Flash, enabling ten times larger cache sizes on NVMe flash storage.

The solution also includes the latest version of Open Source Redis 6.0., and private link network isolation and transport layer security (TLS) encrypted connectivity.


Source: Microsoft

The company said that Azure Cache for Redis has been a great option for a lightweight implementation of a distributed cache, session store, or message broker. And, now with the addition of Redis Modules, there are several useful new ways to use Redis. The new modules include RediSearch, RedisBloom, RedisTimeSeries

Microsoft said that as a native offering, Redis Enterprise on Azure offers unique benefits beyond running Redis Enterprise as a marketplace offering such as access to set-up and configuration through the Azure Portal, seamless integration into your favorite Azure security and monitoring tools, and integrated billing and the ability to use Azure spend commitment.

The Enterprise Flash option allows you to extend DRAM capacity with NVMe flash storage and persistent memory to store significantly more data in a cost-effective manner. You can now create caches that are ten times larger, up to 13 TB, limiting the need to split data on multiple caches.