Microsoft Introduces Office 365 Groups In Outlook 2016

Microsoft launches Office 365 today. They also introduced Group in Outlook 2016 along with a new app for mobile known as Outlook Groups.
Creating a group in Outlook 2016 is really easy. You can add new colleagues to the existing group, and speed up your work process. In this group, each member can share, files and notes, schedule meetings, participate in conversation and also use Skype for video calling and business voice.
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Groups in Outlook 2016 also provide you with the features listed below:
  • ‘Like’ messages
  • Participate in group email
  • View and Co-author the Office documents shared in the group
  • Share photo
  • @Mention a person or group
Check here to know more about the feature of Groups in Outlook 2016.
The new Outlook Group apps for mobile allow you to work and keep in touch with your group, while on the go. You can now continue your conversation, view files and also @mention colleagues. You can also find relevant groups. Check here to learn more about Outlook Group app.
Here's the official video:

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