Microsoft introduces Power BI tool for office 365

On Monday, at its Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft announced that it will bring the Office Store and SharePoint to 22 new markets, and add a new business intelligence tool to its Office 365 service.

Formerly only available in the US, Microsoft's Office and SharePoint Store is now in 22 new markets with added language support for French, German, Spanish and Japanese countries.

Next on Microsoft's announcement list is the introduction of Power BI for Office 365, Power BI is a set of tools, largely built on top of Excel, that provide data query, mapping, improved data modeling, and interactive charting. Power Query and Power Map were previously known under the codenames Data Explorer and GeoFlow.

Power BI will also provide what Microsoft claims is “natural language query capabilities,” so that customers can ping data and learn from it. Applications will also be provided for Windows 8, RT, and iPad.

Power BI will be available as an add-on to current Office 365 customers and as a stand-alone product for companies that bought their Office software outright.


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