Microsoft Introduces Skype Meetings For Small Businesses

Microsoft has announced a new free Browser version of Skype, aiming at the small businesses; this service is known as Skype Meetings. It is the first Web – based product by the company after the beta release of Skype for Web. Skype Meetings will allow you to video chat with around 10 people at the same time for the first 60 days of use, after which its meeting capacity is limited to only 3 people. It also goes on to introduce some of the most powerful collaboration tools, which have also been included in Skype for Business, such as PowerPoint integration the and screen sharing.
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 Microsoft states,
“We’re pleased to introduce free Skype Meetings—a new online meetings tool that provides small businesses with real-time audio and HD video conferencing. Skype Meetings includes collaboration features like the ability to share screens and content during meetings.”
Skype for Meeting is quite similar to the free version of Skype. Both the software versions allows you to video chat with the similar number of people along with making use of the platform’s messaging capabilities. However, Microsoft have gone ahead and marketed this particular version as a simple and easy way for the small companies to set a video call.
With the all new Skype Meetings, you will be able to easily and quickly set up a meet and also go on to share personalized URL, which is clicked by the participants in order to join the meeting. While in a meeting, you will be able to IM, share the screen or PowerPoint presentation, use the laser point along with the feature of the whiteboard to make the meeting more productive and interesting. The person organizing the meeting gains the professional meeting controls like the ability to mute the other participants, so as to be heard.

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