Microsoft Introduces Tools to Modernize Windows10 Apps

Microsoft is bringing a new batch of app modernizing tools to the SDK for the next Windows 10 Update.

Microsoft is bringing a new batch of app modernizing tools to the SDK for the next Windows 10 Update. Today, at Windows Developer Day, the company has revealed three tools – Modern WebView, MSIX, and Adaptive Cards – which will help the developers to add modern experiences into their existing Win32, WPF, or Windows Forms applications incrementally.

Source: Microsoft 

The details of all three tools are given by the company as,

  • Modern WebView using the Microsoft Edge rendering engine is now available to all Win32, WPF, and Windows Forms applications – providing the latest improvements from our Web Platform. Developers will also have access to the latest web technologies such as Grid and Flexbox layouts, HTTP intercepting and WebRTC.

  • MSIX is our vision for a complete containerization solution and it inherits all the great features in UWP and most importantly, it applies to all Win32, WPF, Windows Forms, and UWP applications. The MSIX packaging format was open sourced today.

    Source: Microsoft

  • Adaptive cards gives you a flexible way to present your content and data to enable you to connect with your users. Examples of high value engagement surfaces are notifications, activities in Timeline, and bots in Skype and Teams. The 1.0 release is available today.

Source: Microsoft 

Additionally, Kevin Gallo, Corporate Vice President, Windows Developer Platform, and the host of today’s Windows Developer Day event talked about third-party community development tools like Advanced Installer Express Edition, a free tool to modernize existing Windows desktop applications and create an .appx package.

Often, we see launching of modern tools for new developments but this announcement of Microsoft has brought cheers to the faces of those developers who do not want to lose their existing apps in the war of modern designs.

As Kevin Gallo states,

“For those of you building new applications for the modern workplace, UWP continues to be our modern native platform and the best path forward. At the same time, we understand that developers want to reuse and preserve code investments too.“

For full details, you can watch the recorded video of Windows Developer Day.