Microsoft Introduces Windows Defender Security Center

Microsoft, in its Windows 10 Creators Update, has gone on to introduce a complete new experience known as the Windows Defender Security Center. This will make it easier for you to view as well as control the security protections of your choice, allowing you with a better understanding of the security features, already protecting you on your Windows 10 device.
The company has gone ahead to inform that Windows Insiders can also go on to explore this particular experience, under all apps available in the Start Menu, and can provide with a feedback through the Insider feedback hub.
The Windows Defender Security Center comes with five basic features which will give you complete control as well as visibility of your device security, health, and online safety experiences.
Virus and Threat protection: This will provide you with new view of antivirus protection, whether it’s Windows Defender Antivirus which comes for free with Windows 10 or AV software. If you have gone on to select Windows Defender Antivirus, you can easily scan results and threat history which will be displayed. You can also launch your selected third party AV protection app directly from the screen.
Device Performance and health: This goes on to provide a single view of your latest Windows updates drivers, battery life, and storage capacity. In addition to this, you will also gain a new option to start fresh with clean install of Windows using the Refresh Windows feature. The company states that this particular option will keep all your personal files along with some Windows settings, and will go on to remove most of the apps, for a fresh start, helping it to improve performance needed by your device.
Firewall & Network protection: This will go on to provide information on the network connections as well as active Windows Firewall settings, along with links to network troubleshooting information.
App & Browser control: This will allow you to adjust settings for SmartScreen for apps as well as browsers, allowing you to be more informed and stay safe online, by warning you of potential malicious sites, downloads, and unrecognized apps and files from the Internet.
Family options: This would provide you with an easy way to connect to the Family options available online. This page can easily link you with information about parental controls, options for setting up good screen time habits, setting up activity reports of your kids’ online activity, and managing controls for purchasing apps and games. You will also be able to view the health and safety of your family’s devices from this centralized location.
Microsoft states,
“Our goal with the new Windows Defender Security Center is to help you become more informed and make safety simple. It is equally important to us that you are protected by default and continuously protected – never giving the bad guys an opportunity to harm you. This new experience naturally supports customer choice in selecting an AV product. “

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