Microsoft IT Pro Cloud Essentials And The Microsoft IT Pro Career Center

As you know, the industry is getting transitioned to the cloud, but it's not straightforward for the IT Professional to get transitioned because of multiple reasons. A couple of them include purchasing the Azure subscription, getting the right resources etc. So, Microsoft has introduced a set of free resources that will help the IT professional to expedite the process of building their careers in the cloud platform.

The program is called "Microsoft IT Pro Cloud Essentials and the Microsoft IT Pro Career Center".

Microsoft IT Pro Cloud Essentials provides IT professionals with access to cloud services, training, support, and certification.

Please visit "" and join the program by clicking on the "Join Now" button.

It will ask you to log in using your Microsoft account. After successful login, you might have to get registered to the Program by providing some details. Few of your details are pre-populated.

Below are the current set of offers that the service provides.

  1. Cloud Services
    1. $100/month Azure credit for 3 months
    2. Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (3 month trail)
    3. Office 365 Enterprise E3 (60 Day trail)
    4. Operational Management Suite Trail (Limited Features) 
    5. Microsoft Azure $25 monthly credit for one year (Coming soon) 
    6. Windows 10 Enterprise (90 day evaluation period)
    7. Education 
      1. Pluralsight Training (3 months – Trail period - Please go through for more details)
      2. Microsoft IT Pro Career Center
      3. Cloud Assessment quiz 
      4. Microsoft Virtual Acadamy (MVA) 
      5. Microsoft certification exam voucher (only for one exam. Offer expires 31st October 2016. Only valid for Microsoft’s IT Pro Cloud Essentials Program members only.
    8. Support
      1. Microsoft IT Pro Cloud Essentials subscribers can benefit from prioritized support in TechNet forums.
      2. You can have one technical support call with Microsoft Professional.
    I hope you all avail yourselves of the features and good luck in your Cloud career.