Microsoft launch Touch Mouse in India

Microsoft's Touch Mouse in India and the benefits of Touch Mouse over normal mouse.

Recently, Microsoft India launched new "Touch Mouse". It makes all the computational work too easy. As normal mouse uses click for performing any task, it uses simple indication of body. Basically it is designed for Windows 7, it includes the quality of normal  mouse with extra qualities of  this particular mouse. The company said in a statement that "it follows the human feelings and indication additional with the quality of  normal mouse as it can be used for clicking, scrolling, tilting, scrolling and swiping on Windows 7.

It is the first time in India, that any Touch Mouse works flawless with its amazing functionality like its rhythmic movement on human indication . According to the company members the multi functional approach of this device makes easy for users to use it. With a cost of 3,999, Touch Mouse is  based on Blue Track technology .

Further quality of this mouse is , it will obsolete the use of mouse pad ,since it works on all the  surfaces excepting   glass and mirror surface.

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