Microsoft Launches AI Platform And AI School Silently

Microsoft has today announced of the launch of a flexible AI platform and AI School.

Microsoft has today announced of the launch of a flexible AI platform for developers, that combines machine learning, deep learning, and other advanced technologies leveraging the power of the Azure cloud and productivity platform.

The Microsoft AI platform is powered by Microsoft Azure and is fully equipped with the AI services offered by the company. As per the official blog,

“Our AI platform integrates:

  • High-level services to accelerate the development of AI solutions. This includes conversational AI with Azure Bot Service, trained models such as Cognitive Services (pre-built APIs and custom AI services), allowing developers to use their own data with algorithms trained for their specific needs, and full custom AI services such as Azure Machine Learning.
  • An underlying AI infrastructure with virtually infinite scale
  • Tools to increase productivity for developers and data scientists, bringing AI to every developer and every scenario.”

The company has silently launched a learning platform also, under the name AI School, where developers and data scientists can learn all the latest AI technologies.

Well, this is a wonderful initiative by the software giant in the field of artificial intelligence. This will attract more developers towards working in the field of AI. For more information, you can visit