Microsoft Launches AI Powered Resume Assistant To Office 365

 You must have heard of the AI-powered Resume Assistant by LinkedIn that Microsoft launched last year. Now, the company has integrated this amazing service for the Office 365 subscribers on Windows.
Source: Microsoft 
The company describes the key-points on how you can make the most of Resume Assistant powered by LinkedIn -
  1. LinkedIn now helps you to showcase your skills and experiences by providing you with examples of other similar or aspirational roles.
  2. Resume Assistant showcases the top skills of other professionals in your desired role and industry to help you add those to your portfolio too.
  3. Now, you can get an expert advice with ProFinder which helps you in writing your resume and will also help on interview techniques, career coaching and resume writing.
  4. Resume Assistant now enables you to let recruiters know about the job you are opened for and you can even go for the job opening directly on LinkedIn to know more about the opportunity and apply.
While this step from Microsoft will help many in adding stars to their resumes and getting the desired jobs, the company is looking forward to bringing these features in other operating systems too, with additional regions and languages of services in coming months.
If you are an Office 365 subscriber, this is how you can avail this service as told by Microsoft,
"Resume Assistant is now available to Office 365 subscribers on Windows whose Word 2016 desktop display language is set to English, who are located in and whose Windows region is set to one of the following region locations: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, and United States. The Region location setting can be found in the Control Panel under Clock, Language, and Region. Resume Assistant can be found in the Review tab of Word."

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