Microsoft Launches Azure IoT Suite Predictive Maintenance

Microsoft announces the availability to purchase its Azure IoT Suite, which is built on preconfigured solutions that helps in addressing business, especially Internet of Things, allowing them to move quickly from proof of concept to testing real-world deployment.

Recently, Microsoft announced the availability to purchase its Azure IoT Suite. The Azure IoT Suite is built on preconfigured solutions which help in addressing business, especially Internet of Things, which allows them to move quickly from proof of concept to testing real-world deployment. At the Convergence EMEA, the company has expanded the availability of preconfigured solutions with predictive maintenance, making one of the most in-demand IoT solutions easily available to the users.
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In the official blog, Microsoft states,
“Whether you do business in manufacturing, retail, health or with smart cities, chances are your company uses valuable headcount and budget in reacting to issues in the field. Imagine this: A world in which you could not only predict equipment failures before they happen, but also systematically address them. That’s the promise of predictive maintenance. When you unlock the power of IoT to capture and analyze data, your business can identify warning signs of potential problems, predict when equipment needs maintenance, and preemptively service that equipment before problems occur.”
The Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, allows enterprises to easily and quickly connect, assets monitor and analyze data in real time. The predictive maintenance reconfigures the solution in Azure IoT Suite, allowing the use of data, rich dashboards and visualizations, in order to provide business with new intelligence, which would help in improving the efficiency and enhancing the revenue streams.
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Every company has different requirements around predictive maintenance, and it is based on their business needs and equipments. Similarly, Microsoft approaches its new projects with the best approach that can help in guiding the most impactful outcome. In order to ensure that the that the predictions are actionable to identify company’s data sources, connecting and normalizing data for testing and modeling, Microsoft has increased the efficiency, and reduced the costs, helping in evolving the business at every step.
The company states,
“This November, we also introduced our Azure IoT Practice Building Portal, which all Microsoft partners can log in to with their Microsoft Partner Network credentials. The Azure IoT Practice Building Portal is a resource to provide guidance for partners to build successful IoT practices, and includes Microsoft engineering and technical resources, funding information, training and more.”
The company concluded by saying,
“For businesses contemplating an IoT initiative, now is the time to start your evolution. Working with Microsoft and our growing ecosystem of IoT partners allows your company to improve business processes and create new models to stay ahead of the competition.”