Microsoft Launches Azure Percept To Bring AI To The Edge

The platform come with embedded hardware-accelerated AI modules that enable speech and vision AI at the edge

Recently, Microsoft at its Ignite digital conference unveiled the public preview of Azure Percept, which is a platform of hardware and services that aims to simplify the ways in which you can use Azure AI technologies on the edge.

The platform includes a development kit with an intelligent camera, Azure Percept Vision. Percept Vision and Azure Percept Audio, which ships separately from the development kit, connect to Azure services in the cloud and come with embedded hardware-accelerated AI modules that enable speech and vision AI at the edge. This is useful when the device needs to make lightning-fast calculations without taking the time to connect to the cloud.

Source: Microsoft

According to the company Azure Percept platform is aimed at simplifying the process of developing, training and deploying edge AI solutions.

"With Azure Percept,...For many use cases, we significantly lowered the technical bar needed to develop edge AI-based solutions, and citizen developers can build these without needing deep embedded engineering or data science skills." said Tanabian, a Microsoft VP and GM of the Azure edge and devices group.

Well, with the Azure Percept development kit, customers will also have access to Azure AI Cognitive Services and Azure ML models as well as AI models available from the open-source community that have been designed to run on the edge. Percept devices can automatically connect to Azure IoT Hub, which helps enable reliable communication with security protections between IoT devices and the cloud.

Microsoft said that it aims to expand the number of third-party certified Azure Percept devices. In the months to come, anybody who builds and trains a proof-of-concept edge AI solution with the Percept development kit will be able to deploy it with a certified device from the marketplace.